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history of kemnay golf club

On Wednesday 10th June 1908, Mrs. John Fyfe, wife of the leading partner of the Kemnay Granite Company Ltd., formally opened the newly created 9-hole Kemnay Golf Course with a beautiful well lofted drive towards the first hole. The photograph opposite shows the Course Opening group in 1908.

In his introductory speech, the President, Mr. H.D. McCombie, had thanked Mr. John Burnett of Kemnay House for presenting the ground to the village and hoped that in a few years, if they were in a strong position as a club, they might be able to extend to eighteen holes.

kgc-photo-open1908 (1).jpg

This scene is taken from a postcard dated 1928 and shows the ninth green. Sadly, a few of the majestic trees, some of which were planted in 1745, have fallen victim to gales over the years. 

This photograph shows members of the golf club committee between 1908 and 1914 and was donated by Mr Barron of West Sussex. His grandfather, Mr John Stewart Barron, is pictured top right. The others figures remain un-identified at present.

1972 course (2).jpeg

This aerial view of part of the course back in 1972 – clubhouse in the bottom right hand corner, the first green is middle of the picture on the right adjacent roughly to where the first left hand bunker is now! Over the main road – no Milton Meadows, just farmland! 

As an interim step towards an 18 hole course, the Club opened an extended 9 hole course in July 1989, after acquiring additional ground for this new layout in 1988 from the Milton Estate.  The testing new course had a Standard Scratch Score of 67, compared to the previous 60.  Those attending this course opening were:
((Back: Stuart Rennie, James King, Walter Robertson, Peter Mutten....Yvonne Moir, Jim Watt.
argaret Moir, Norman Moir, Ally McDonald, Norman Law, Doug Imrie.

Middle: Gary Lyon, David Fraser, Kenny Law, Alistair Johnstone (Captain), Fred Milton, Neish Chisholm (President), Bruce Davidson (Pro), Graham Young (Secretary), Gary Anderson.
Front: Neil Bisset, Michael Reid, Frank Coutts (Pro), Neil Young, Susan Milton)

Opening of new course in 1989 (4).jpg

However, the club had to wait almost 86 years to realise the 18 hole dream! The first 'official' ball on the new course was struck on Saturday 28th May 1994 by the then Greens Convenor, Dr. Graham Young, who was instrumental in achieving the course extension. His drive was almost as expertly struck as Mrs. Fyfe's tee shot! See also the commemorative ball for this major milestone event!

In more recent times, the course was extended by almost 500 yards in 2000 with a new 6,7 and 8th holes. 2011 saw the opening of the 6-hole par 3 Beechbank Practice Facility.   

In 2013 the roadside 18th hole was re-positioned behind the Clubhouse and in 2015 Black Tees were built to create a championship course of over 6500 yards.

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