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At Kemnay Golf Club we believe it’s our privilege that you have chosen us, not the other way around.

We offer various types of membership, each of which gives you exceptional benefits for a full calendar year with our highly respected golf course at the heart of it all.

Offering a fantastic Championship Course, extensive practice facilities, a well equipped Clubhouse as well as a host of other benefits, Kemnay Golf Club is truly your members club of choice. 

Please email us or telephone to learn more about our membership options.


Currently, there is no Joining Fee and no waiting list to join Kemnay Golf Club. The Club normally has one intake of new members in March of each year, however pro rata rates to join part way through a season are available on request. The number of new memberships available varies according to the number of existing members who do not renew.

  • Adult                                                             £555.00

  • Senior (age 65+)                                           £444.00

  • Young Adult (18-25)                                     £278.00

  • Country (over 60 miles)                                £200.00

  • Get into Golf (Yr 1)*                                     £125.00

  • Get into Golf (Yr 2)*                                     £225.00

  • Youth (16-17)                                                  £75.00

  • Junior (12-15)                                                 £25.00

  • Juvenile (7-11)                                                FREE

  • Social                                                             £20.00

There are a large number of benefits of being a member of a golf club and while you do pay more money you certainly get significantly more benefits for that money.

1. Unlimited Access to your Home Course
With a climate like ours you want to be able to play when the weather is good. Being a member gives you the opportunity to play when you like and generally as often as you like.

2. Choose How Much You Play
On a warm summer’s evening you may have had a hard day at the office and feel that you would like some fresh air but do not have the time to play 18 holes. You could choose to play only 3, 5 or 7 holes and still be relatively close to the clubhouse. You generally wouldn't have this option with pay as you play golf where you may have to pay for 18 holes regardless of how many you want to play.

3. Gain an official CONGU handicap
Only by being a member of a Scottish Golf Union/Scottish Ladies Golfing Association affiliated golf club can you attain an official CONGU handicap, giving you the opportunity to play competitions at your home course and other courses.

4. Play Competitive Golf
As a member of Kemnay Golf Club you can play regular official club competitions. The Club offers a wide variety of competitions, both at weekends and midweek.

5. Get your handicap down
Playing competitions regularly at your home or in other Open competitions gives you the chance to get your handicap down to your targeted level. This is what most golfers strive for throughout their playing days.

6. Play in Matches against other clubs
As a member of Kemnay Golf Club, you will have the opportunity of representing the Club in matches against other Clubs, in the local area or further afield, whether you are a senior or a junior, man or woman. It is not just low handicap players that play for the Club. Some matches are played using handicaps and therefore everyone has the chance of participating.

7. A Great Clubhouse Environment
The clubhouse can be a great place for eating, drinking and socialising with your friends, with competitive prices for members in very pleasant surroundings. 

8. A Sense of Belonging
Having a membership of Kemnay Golf Club is a great way to be part of the local community and network with other people from the area; golf clubs often form a vital part of the local town or area.

9. Meet New People
This is a chance to meet like-minded people and form life-long friendships with like-minded members.

10. Use of the Practice Facilities & Club Professional
There is the opportunity, with free use of the Club’s practice facilities at any time, to improve your game. The resident PGA professional (Simon Hanson) has a well stocked shop where you can try out the latest models of clubs and take lessons, if you wish.

11. Invite Your Friends
The Kemnay Golf Club offers preferential 'Members' Guest Rate' green fees giving you the chance to invite your friends to play your course. 

member benefits

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