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championship course

Course Card

Here is the scorecard for the course.  Important Health & safety Information and Local rules can be accessed on the appropriate button.

The Course and Slope rating information by gender is as follows and the full charts can be accessed below:

Black Tees     M  Par 71 Course/Slope 71.7/132

White Tees    M  Par 71 Course/Slope 71.1/131

Yellow Tees   M  Par 71 Course/Slope 69.4/128

Red Tees        M  Par 67 Course/Slope 67.8/116

Red Tees        L   Par 73 Course/Slope 72.7/130

Yellow Tees   L   Par 73 Course/Slope 75.2/133 





scorecard 2023.JPG

As our winter course is played to temporary greens on an unmeasured course, we are unable have General Play scores qualifying for handicap under WHS, during the winter season.  

Historical course records have been collated from information available.  Click on the button to view the current and historic course record information.

hole by hole

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